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Our journey of Systems Change

The traditional familial/filial support care system is currently on the decline in Nigeria. 6.3 million rural Nigerians aged 60+ (expected to triple by 2050) are vulnerable, with two-thirds needing daily support due to health issues. In 2017, 45% reported feeling lonely and isolated, yet access to essential services (health and social services) remains severely limited due to scarce resources and out-of-pocket payments.

EL-AGED CARE strives to improve the system of care for older persons residing in remote and rural communities in Nigeria. This is to enable them achieve optimum levels of physical, social, psychological and spiritual health. We also aim to create an enabling and age-friendly environment that supports ageing in place. - improve functional ability, remain in their homes and live independently in the community as long as possible

Our innovative solution to the social problem

Our model delivers an integrated system of community care that is person-centred, incorporates medical, social, recreational rehabilitation, and social work supportive services to older persons who reside in rural communities in Nigeria.

It also considers social determinants of health for older people in rural areas in care delivery The solution is helping rural communities to reimagine the lives of older persons by designing new standards of care, developing innovative care models, and engaging local communities in deploying more effectively the services needed to improve the functional and social abilities of the older persons to live dignified, independent lives and contribute to families, communities, and society. s.

Most of our services are offered in our:


Through our services, especially on health education on chronic disease self-management initiative, a good number of the older persons are well positioned and have developed the ability to promote and maintain their health as well as manage illness and disability with or without the support of a health-care provider. This self-care practice is so important to our work as it is one of the prerequisites and a vital aspect to ageing in place and we plan to gradually replicate this model across our region and finally the whole country.

We recognized that independent work to support older persons is not enough to turn the curve of system-change, hence EL-AGED CARE in collaboration with our founder initiated a coalition of 60 member organizations called, the Association of Care Service Providers to Older Persons in Nigeria (ACSPOPIN).

Leveraging on our founder’s position as the current National President of the Association, ACSPOPIN has developed the first ever Aged Care Quality Standards and Regulation manual in Nigeria to guide practice and submitted to relevant authorities for possible adoption

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Our system change pathway

We have defined seven (7) systemic changes that need to be implemented in care for older persons in Nigeria, and EL-AGED CARE is determined to lead collective action to implement them one by one - first at state levels, and then at national levels. The following are the seven systems change scenarios:

  • 1. Establish affordable education resources for healthy aging and chronic disease self-care. .
  • 2. Provide state support or incentives for employed family caregivers.
  • 3. Enable easy access to care resources for family and community members involved in elderly care.
  • 4. Empower community members to serve as ambassadors of longevity and provide care.
  • 5. Introduce telemedicine resources for elderly health education and lower-cost treatment.
  • 6. Promote quality in-person care facilities as business opportunities for younger individuals.
  • 7. Foster connectivity among stakeholders for system improvement.
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