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Become a Volunteer with El-Aged Care in 3 easy steps.

Become a Volunteer with El-Aged Care in 3 easy steps. Read and Download this PDF Form, fill out every information and send or email to us @ OR click the Button below to fill out our on line contact form.

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Step 1: Download Volunteer Application Form

Applying to become a volunteer at El-Aged Care is much like applying to a regular job posting. Applicants are expected to complete the volunteer application form with utmost sincerity as the application process entails a thorough screening of the applicant. This will help us in evaluating applicant’s suitability for volunteering in a health care environment.

Applicants under the age of 18 years are also expected to complete the volunteer application form in addition to submission of a signed Parental/Guardian Consent form. Completed volunteer application form and Parental/Guardian Consent form must be returned to: El-Aged Care Volunteer Services.

After successfully filling the downloaded form, please attach as a mail and send to

Step 2:

Once an application is received by our office, the applicant is either contacted on phone or through an email by El-Aged Care Volunteer Services staff member to advice an interview date and time. The interview is one of the avenues through which our organization finds out more about you and your interests. Interviewees also have the opportunity to ask any questions participants may have about volunteering with the El-Aged Care.

Step 3:

After the interview, El-Aged Care will carry out an extensive check on the participant to determine eligibility to volunteer in healthcare environment and also suitability to work with the older people. The extent of the check depends on the volunteer role that the participant is interested in and on the feedback from their references.

An offer is made to a participant if there is a positive match between the skills and competences of the participant and the volunteer position applied for. Successful candidates are expected to either accept or reject the offer by completing the acceptance form.
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